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Streamline your settling process by applying online with LandingMate, the all-in-one platform that connects new immigrants with the resources, support, community and guidance they need to start their new life with ease and confidence.

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Connect with a friendly and knowledgeable Mate to get the personalized support, guidance, and insider tips you need to navigate your new environment with ease, from finding a job and housing to making friends and accessing community resources.

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Settle in with ease and confidence using LandingMate, the platform that provides new immigrants with the resources and support they need to make their new country feel like home, from personalized assistance and insider tips to language learning and cultural exchange.


What We Serve

At LandingMate, we offer a suite of essential services to help new immigrants settle in and thrive, including help with finding housing, getting healthcare, navigating the job market, and building a community of support.

Transportation Assistance

Our transportation assistance service helps new immigrants navigate the transportation system of their new city, providing them with useful information on the different modes of transportation available such as buses, trains, subways, and taxis. It also assists with arranging transportation services to help new immigrants get to their desired destinations, such as helping them book a ride to their job interviews or appointments with government agencies.

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Settlement Assistance

This service offers comprehensive assistance to newcomers, guiding them through the process of settling into their new environment with ease. From navigating essential services to providing personalized support, SettleEase ensures a smooth transition into the community.

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